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Hey everyone!

Today I want to let you all know the future of, its a bright hopeful future. I have many plans for projects, but also to feature projects I have found or been shown, to give all the known information on some slightly obscure retro consoles and computers, and hopefully to review products!

Mod Mondays

I plan to update every Monday if possible on my current project. This will include topics such as finishing my current projects (Game Boy Mega 2.0, portable Gamecube, etc.)

Some of the projects I plan to finish are repair on the gameboy fridge, the portable gamecube, gameboy mega 2.0, gameboy color advanced, and more.

Gameboy mega 2.0

Retro Tuesdays

Retro is my favourite. I plan (and have started) to document as many retro consoles as I can, including the purchase of an Atari 600xl for this purpose.

My plans for this section are quite simple: I will find all the information I possibly can on the retro item, and I will tell you everything that you could possible want to know. Along with information, if I own the item, I will take pictures of it in as much of detail as possible.

atari 600xl

Feature Fridays

I have been in contact with users at and I will be featuring projects that these select modders have completed. If you are a modder and want to be featured, then contact me for the in’s.

This is lovablechevy’s pocket atari, expect to see it featured, its super cool!

lovablechevy pocket atari

Why have I been hiding lately?

I have been off the air for about three months now, and here is why… I GOT MARRIED IN JUNE! I married my beautiful wife Lara, and I have been focusing on being a husband lately, working, and getting everything in order in the house. Now that things have settled down, I am ready to get back at it! Hopefully with her help, I will be able to do this full time, and support the family from my blogs income.


Anyway, I’m off to plan and write!


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