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therealdanielj/ February 27, 2016/ Gaming Mods/ 3 comments

I have been collecting parts and working on this for years, and I am finally ready to start a worklog!

I have all the parts I need from what I can tell, and I have what I believe to be a solid plan for building it too.

Parts collected:

3.5 inch screen, from adafruit

Game Cube Controller

New analogue stick cap

Game Cube (one with component video, but my screen takes composite)

Laptop Batteries

Wasp Fusion

MegaDrive v5

I need an audio amp too, I will use ds speakers most likely, let me know what you think.

I also have extras of some parts, like the batteries, and controllers, and also a broken Gamecube from a previous attempt.

Parts List

Parts for the Gamecube Portable

The design I wan to do is simple, I want to shorten the stock case to make it 1 to 1.5 inches thick, and put the controller on the top around the bottom, and then put the screen on top of that. This model of Gamecube has a removable circular logo, so I will cut it and use it for astetics. I will most likely paint the system in one of the colours it comes in normally.

Gamecube Portable design

My design idea for the Gamecube Portable.

This project has taken so long to get to since I tried it before, and broke the motherboard for the previous Gamecube, but today I bought this one for 25$, so I am a go now! Thankfully I didn’t get the wasp installed on the one I broke, that would have been a hassle to get off.

My next step will be taking apart the Gamecube and getting it prepared to portableized.

Another option I have is to get a larger screen, (I was thinking about getting one like this, but I don’t know if it is good or not)


  1. Nice idea if you can successfully make it.

    1. Thanks! I will be trying my best to make it haha

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