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Hello everyone! Today I am going to tell you about lovablechevy’s Pocket Atari, since everything else is themed after Atari’s this week. This mod is very cool, it is the smallest portable Atari ever made to my knowledge, and it is in fact tiny, it all fits inside of an Atari 2600 cart case.

lovablechevy is one of the admin’s on bitfixgaming.boards.net and she has been modding for years, many great projects. I contacted her to see if she would be up for a write up on some of her mods, you can expect to see more of her here since she has many great mods under her belt.

The Pocket Atari is made of an Atari Flashback 2, a 2.5″ “zate” screen with the audio amp built in, and 2 700 mAH batteries that run at 3.7v. The system at full volume accorting to lovablechevy is 3.5 hours, which is quite impressive for the size of the console. The buttons are salvaged from a Wii remote, and use a Super Joy III board.

Atari Flashback 2

In case you don’t know, the Flash Back 2 is a remake of the 2600, it boasted built in games, and inside there is the ability to add a cart slot, but it does not come with one on board. For lovablechevy’s Pocket Atari, the cart slot would have not been helpful since the whole console was the size of a cart. If you look inside, you can see how small the board is, but she still shrunk the board a whole lot to get it inside.

Building the beast

For the actual construction of the Pocket Atari, lovablechevy first cleaned up the Atari 2600 cart, then opened it, and cut holes for the parts to be fitted. One method for mounting the buttons that lovablechevy did, is drilling the holes for the buttons, then mounting the sleeves in behind the plastic case. I find this method very interesting since it makes the console look very original.

After cutting the case, and adding the buttons, she went about mounting everything, and test fitting the parts. Everything fit including the relocated capisitors and crystals from the screen. the only slight issues were modivying the power jack, and changing the 800mAH batteries out for some smaller 700mAH ones.

The speaker for this console is under the label (Great hiding place) and is flush and LOUD. There is a paddle port on the bottom side and a difficulty switch.

This is one sweet mod! I surely like it, and since it’s Atari related, I thought it fit in with this weeks theme very well! If I was to build a portable Atari 2600, this is something I would learn a lot from and try to emulate.

Here are more pictures of the Pocket Atari

Her worklog

Her writeup

Her Facebook page

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