Game Boy Phone – The Phone Boy

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The Game Boy Phone mod is super simple, and i have all the resources for you to do it yourself too!

This mod is easy for just about anyone to do, and its super fast and fun. Since you can touch the screen of a phone through paper, you can make custom skins that cover the screen and are touchable through the paper. These custom skins are super fast and easy to make and a great conversation piece.

All it is is a photo print of the template, which you can cut out and put on your phone. The reason I used an iphone 4s is that we had an old one lying around, if you want one for your phone, get a gameboy emulator on your phone, turn it on, and scan it full size so I can see the layout and ill make one for your phone and post it here.



How to make the skin and apply it.

To apply the skin, put doublesided tape on the phone, then after cutting the screen part out with a sharp knife, press it into place on your phone. Once its attached, use the knife or scisors to cut the excess off the phone.

This is simple to do, and is a good conversation piece, its non invasive, and a great way to play your emulated games.


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