Game Boy Mega

therealdanielj/ February 20, 2016/ Gaming Mods/ 0 comments

I have built another Game Boy mod! This one is a DS Lite mod. Basically, I took off the top screen, I had to add a resistor to make the DS think that the top screen was still on. This mod is more of a nostalgic type mod; I really like GameBoy’s. also, I want to add an r4 chip to allow it to play emulated games. I am planning to re-do the paint since it got messed up while it was drying, I just haven’t had time for that yet.

This mod took one day to complete, it was fairly easy, and could be completed much quicker if done again.

I am sort of planning to do the same with a DSI XL and rely on emulation for game play, this would let you have a much larger screen to play with.

my next step in this is repainting it, I want to do either the same colour scheme, or I might consider painting it with a SFC colour scheme. 

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