Game Boy Mega 2.0 continued (Part 2)

therealdanielj/ May 24, 2016/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

More progress!

Checky Checky!

IMG_5954IMG_5961 IMG_5960IMG_5965IMG_5966

Hey! Now that’s some case work! I filled in what needed to be filled, and cut, and then sanded level, then filled again. im using abs form an old PC.


I glued a batt slot on the back, once its dry I will fill and level the pen slot along with the rest of the randomness there.


Took apart the battery, I will hard wire it inside and save some space in the process.

IMG_5957 IMG_5956

Time to take the cart slot off and move it, I want to make the games level with the rest of the system, make it look more gameboy like.

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