Hey! I’m ModPurist! If you are wondering who I am or what I am about this is the page for you! My screen name ModPurist came from my first blog post where I said

I don’t claim to have perfect mods, but I strive to make my mods look as original as possible, I am a ModPurist.

This inspired me to name my blog ModPurist.ca when I was unable to use the original name I had, which was not very creative by the way. The .ca part is because I am Canadian and proud of it.

What do you do anyway?

Simple question, which comes with a not so simple answer. Basically, I modify video game systems and computer systems to do something that they weren’t originally intended to do. For example, I created the GameBoy Fridge, which was putting a computer inside of a mini fridge and made it look like a Nintendo GameBoy.

Who do you write for?

I write for you, the viewer, to inform you on how to do mod’s yourself, and to tell you about my creations. Modding is not for everyone, and I know that many people simply do not and will not care, but I know that for those who do this type of website is stellar for information to create their own projects and for entertainment.

Is this your full time job?

Not yet… I currently cut wood at a saw mill, but I have a diploma in IT and am trying to get this blog up and running well enough to support my wife and I.

Are you a nerd?

Yes. And my wife says I am a geek too.

Do you sell your projects?

My projects are all unique, so they do not have a price tag on the website. If you want to purchase something I have built or you think I can build for you, contact me and we can chat.

How can I contact you?

You want to contact me? How cool! Just use the form on this page!