Game Boy Mega 2.0 continued (Part 2)

therealdanielj/ May 24, 2016

More progress! Checky Checky! Hey! Now that’s some case work! I filled in what needed to be filled, and cut, and then sanded level, then filled again. im using abs form an old PC. I glued a batt slot on the back, once its dry I will fill and level the pen slot along with the rest of the randomness

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Game Boy Mega 2.0

therealdanielj/ May 13, 2016

After the talk on Doom’s thread for his mega mod, I decided to start my second one. I sort of messed up the buttons on the first one I made by painting them, whops. Anywho, I am going to start fresh and get this little puppy smaller and sleeker. I got this DS for a good price, got two half

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